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What to do about the Intel chip bug

Processor bug

Many customers have contacted me asking about the widely reported security issues found in Intel processors.

Although Intel processors have been mentioned, the problem is also present in some from AMD and ARM, so could be present in most devices from laptops through to tablets and phones.  Since Apple also use these processors in their products the problems apply equally to Apple Macs as well as Windows PCs and laptops.

Microsoft and Apple are releasing updates which will address the issues from the operating system perspective, ie Windows or Mac OS X.  However, there may also be updates to your system’s “firmware” (the software that drives the specific hardware on your PC or laptop) from your hardware manufacturer (ie Dell, HP, Acer etc) which should also be applied.

The simple advice is that if you are offered an update to your system then you should follow the instructions and install the update. If you have automatic updates turned on then you will get the relevant updates when they are available.  See this Microsoft web page for details on system updates and how to check that you are up to date:

The Windows update is currently available for computers running Windows 10, but won’t reach units powered by an older build of the operating system – Windows 7 and Windows 8, for example – until January 9 or later.

There are also suggestions that the “fix” will reduce the performance of your machine by up to 30%.  Whilst the actual impact is not clear the average user should not notice much difference since the limiting factor on many home and small office systems is not always the processor but memory and other system factors.

As always, if you have any concerns or problems with your updates please let me know and I’ll be happy to help/ advise. Also we still have our “PC Health Check for £40” offer on until the end of this month.