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“Phishing” & “Vishing”

“Phishing” & “Vishing”

‘Phishing’: This is where people receive emails directing them to a website where they are asked to provide confidential, personal or financial information. Whilst these emails may appear to come from a legitimate site, these emails are designed to steal your personal information which can then be used to access your accounts. This is known as ‘phishing’

‘Vishing’ This involves a fraudster making phone calls to a victim, posing as bank staff, the police or other officials, and companies in a position of trust.

This call may be made to coerce the victim into:

  • sending their money to another account for ‘safe keeping’ or ‘holding’
  • withdrawing cash and handing it over to the fraudster for investigation
  • giving personal financial information, which can then be used to access their victim’s finances


  • Don’t be afraid to terminate the call and say no to requests for information.
  • Never share your security details with a third party. It is important to keep your account and security details safe.