The Internet Of Things

A number of customers have called saying that they have had emails from Paypal which look suspicious. There are some fairly convincing scams around at the moment so it is well advised to take care when responding to them or following any links in an email that supposedly comes from PayPal. There are however some steps that you can take to reduce the chances of getting caught by these fraudsters.

Below are a range of laptops which will meet the needs of most people, ie web surfing, email, photos and general word processing and office tasks.

We’ve had several questions from customers about the recent “ransomware” attack which hit many individuals, organisations and businesses including the NHS.  Hopefully, you were not affected by it. However, it highlights the need to keep up to date with standard security updates to your system.  In fact, Microsoft did issue an update to

Windows 10: “Creators” Update

Next month (April) Microsoft is due to launch a major upgrade to Windows 10 which they have called the “Creators Update”.  Don’t worry, this is not just for artists or creative types but for everyone. What’s in a name??

What is the Internet Of Things (and why does it matter)?

The Internet Of Things (IOT) at its core is about connecting devices over the internet, letting them talk to us, to applications on our phones or tablets, and each other.

Windows 10: Update

The free upgrade period for Windows 10 has now ended. If you did not upgrade then you still can, providing that your PC is compatible, but you will need to purchase a license from Microsoft.  If you are on Windows 7 then you should be aware that it will still be supported with updates until 2020 (and WIndows 8 likely a couple of years after that), so there is no need to panic!

Tablet for elderly communications

Technology for an ageing population

The target markets for the latest technology and gadgets, including the iPhone seems to be aimed mainly at that magic 18-35 demographic. However, if you take a look around you, you’ll see there are lots of people over 35 using an iPhone or an iPad. I’m sure we all have friends or relatives well into their 60s, 70s or even 80s who can’t live without either of those gadgets (despite what they may say!).
If technology is to make a real impact, then it must be helpful without being complicated or intrusive. It also needs to work together with existing devices (phones, hearing aids, hearing aid loops etc) and be reliable. These are key factors and are being addressed.

Advice for selecting a new laptop

One of the most frequent questions we get is from customers looking to upgrade from an old desktop to a new machine, usually a laptop.
In this article we will look at the hardware and basic operating system. Additional optional software will be covered in another article to follow.

There are so many options and variations that this can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the jargon and specifications and what they actually mean in terms of what you get for your money!

Computer Support Phone Scammers

Although not a new threat it is worth revisiting the issue of bogus support calls since many of our customers have received them and the callers can be very persuasive.

Typically the caller will claim to be either from Microsoft Support or maybe from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) e.g. TalkTalk, BT, Plusnet etc.

“Phishing” & “Vishing”

‘Phishing’: This is where people receive emails directing them to a website where they are asked to provide confidential, personal or financial information. Whilst these emails may appear to come from a legitimate site, these emails are designed to steal your personal information which can then be used to access your accounts. This is known as ‘phishing’